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Our Mission

The Father's Day / Mother's Day Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(6) non-commercial, all volunteer association. Our mission is to promote the celebration, observation and preservation of the holidays Mother's Day and Father's Day by focusing America's attention on the value of good sound parenting. We proudly recognize role model Mothers and Fathers with our "Outstanding Mother" awards and our "Father of the Year" awards. In addition, while promoting parenthood, the Council concentrates its energies on highlighting and contributing to contemporary issues and charities that affect Mothers, Fathers and Families.

About The Father's Day / Mother's Day Council

Established in 1931 by businessmen, civic leaders and concerned citizens, the Father's Day Council was created to achieve universal observance of then little known holiday - Father's Day.

Father's Day was established in 1910 by Mrs. John Bruce Dodd in Spokane, Washington as a tribute to her father who had reared the family after the death of her mother. Mrs. Dodd had hoped that by creating a holiday to honor her Father, she would inspire and honor all American Dads.

Father's Day was broadly accepted but rarely observed until it was recognized by President Wilson and later by President Coolidge. However, there was no widespread celebration on a national basis until the Father's Day Council was organized in 1931.

In 1942, to increase attention to the holiday, a National Father's Day Committee was formed. The Committee's sole purpose was to confer Father of the Year honors on contemporary life style leaders of our society. Through the efforts of the Father's Day Council, Congress passed legislation in 1971 making Father's Day a National Holiday.

The Council has had so much success with its initial objectives, (today over 95% of Americans celebrate Father's Day), that we have developed a second major goal - philanthropy. The Council made its first donation in 1978. Our inaugural amount was $500.00, given to Ronald McDonald House. Since that humble beginning, the Council has contributed millions to worthwhile charitable organizations.

In 1978, the Father's Day Council, in order to better recognize the role both parents play in the family unit, formed the National Mother's Day Council by purchasing the National Committee for the Observance of Mother's Day. The National Mother's Day Council was incorporated with the National Father's Day Council to form the Father's Day/Mother's Day Council, Inc. The National Mother's Day Council is responsible for the annual "Outstanding Mother" awards.

To increase national awareness in honoring role model parents, the National Father's Day/Mother's Day Council has organized Regional Father's Day and Mother's Day Councils in various major cities located around the country. Expansion has given the Council the opportunity to honor Fathers and Mothers on a local or regional level, as well as generate significant dollars for charity. Our first regional councils were formed in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Today, the Council continues to focus on the celebration, observation and preservation of Father's and Mother's Day, through national philanthropic partnerships with organizations like the American Lung Association and Save the Children. The Council continues to work hard to meet our philanthropic objectives.

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