All-Star Dad
All-Star Dad All-Star Dad
Congratulations to our 2017 Ashok C. Sani All-Star Dad Honoree

"Hi, my name is Brett and I am nominating my Dad for All-Star Dad. I am a twin and my brother has autism. This makes our home different from many other homes. My brother goes to 7 therapies a week and one on the weekend so we are pretty busy so by the time we get home in the evening my mom is tired so she does her stuff and my Dad takes over and helps my brother, Kyle with homework..."


Do you know a Dad who is a real "All Star" to his children, his family and his community? If so, nominate him today as the National Father's Day Committee searches for America's #1 "All-Star" Dad.

Every Dad is special. But does your Dad or another Dad you know demonstrate such important attributes as dedication, love, unselfishness, support, and community service on a regular basis? If so, he could be the Father's Day Committee "All-Star" Dad for 2018.

All-Star Dad